Ranking Every No. 1 NBA Draft Pick from the Last 30 Years

Barring a departure from expectations, the New Orleans Pelicans will pick Zion Williamson together with the first pick in Thursday’s NBA draft.
All signs are that he will offer the Pels to substitute their overall selection, Anthony Davis.
Recent history suggests the No. 1 pick is not as sure a bet as it seems. Though some organizations have set themselves up for years of contention by selecting the most appropriate participant, others have put themselves back by picking the wrong one.
Here, we’ll have a look to go in the draft, ranking them on the grounds of longevity the prime years production and overall effect on the league. The tricky part is weighing a high draftee’s summit against the whole period of his profession. Teams with the best pick are hoping to have someone with a prime while remaining power has value.
The higher up the record we go, the less we have to compare those 2 factors. The best top selections offer you both.

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